Clearing and Grading in Lee & Collier County

Are you considering buying uncultured land? Whether it’s commercial or residential property, the first thing that will be painfully obvious is if the land is not ready for use.

The bushy and thorny expanse of land, terrain with wild plants, bumpy, stony surfaces, and uneven ground are just some of the things one has to deal with when considering building on uncultured land.

If you’re purchasing this type of land, then it’s not ready for commercial or residential use. How do you make this land usable? There is a process known as clearing and grading, which is used by builders and construction companies to make a piece of land ready for use.

How Does Clearing & Grading Help?

The long and exhaustive procedure of clearing and grading requires the operators to rid the land of unwanted vegetation, plantations, and other redundant things that are on the land in question. All of this falls under clearing. Grading on the other hand, is entirely different in nature. Grading as a process is all about dealing with the land itself. Grading works on the land to make sure of its levels, the surface of the land and the usability of the land for the times to come.

How is Land Clearing and Grading done in Lee and Collier County?

Land clearing and grading is not an easy process and should only be done by professionals. Before clearing and grading can even begin, you will need to obtain the proper set of permissions and permits from local authorities. Unless you hire a professional construction services company, you may miss out on these regulations and pay for them later on through fines sentenced by the state or city.

For land that is more complex and large in terms of size (gravel pits of surface mines, highways, etc.) for instance, a pre-application from will be needed by the authorities filled by you for them to decide whether to grant permission for clearing and grading in Lee and Collier County to go proceed.

As a process, the people doing the clearing and grading use the following processes to fulfill the task at hand:

  • Logging
  • Grinding
  • Burning
  • Demolition
  • Grubbing
  • Leveling

Clearing & Grading in SWFL

If you’re in need of clearing and grading construction services in SWFL, look no further than Honc Industries. We provide an array of diversified construction services, including silt fences, full/selective demolition, clearing/grading, complete site development packages, and more.

Honc is a licensed general contractor in Southwest Florida and we’ve worked on a variety of both residential and commercial projects. If you’re interested in our clearing/grading services, please contact us here for more information.

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