Is My Septic System Failing?

As a homeowner, you always want to make sure your home is well-maintained. From the air conditioning to the foundation to the septic system, you always want to make sure your home is operating at top-performance levels.

When it comes to septic systems, proper functioning is key. Unfortunately, most can’t determine that there is indeed a problem with their septic system until it’s too late. Here, we’ve put together a small list of tips to spot any oncoming issues with your septic system.

Septic System Failing Symptom #1: Slow Moving Toilets, Sinks, and Drains

In most cases, it will not be all that easy to tell that a drain is moving slowly. However, a slow moving drain of the bathtub can reveal issues with the septic system. Simply put, if your sinks and drains are draining extremely slowly, then you should know that your pipes could be backed up with waste and the issue is to likely get worse if you do not take the necessary steps to fix it.

Septic System Failing Symptom #2: Odor in yard and in home

The earlier that this odor is detected, the better it is for you. Many of the homeowners try to fix the issue of odor by pouring more cleaners and bleach into toilets and drains. However, this could make matters a lot worse.

Septic System Failing Symptom #3: Your Home’s Age

The older your home and septic system is, the more it likely it is to need extra maintenance (or replacement) very soon. This is especially true if your house is older than two years and has not had sufficient septic maintenance/treatment.

Septic System Failing Symptom #4: Wet Spots in the Yard

If you see flooding or wet spots around the leaching fields or your septic tank, then this can be an issue to look into with the requirement of immediate action. You might then need to invest in monthly treatments, so be prepared.

Septic System Failing Symptom #5: Your individual actions

While living in your home, you probably have all the information that you need as to whether your septic system requires attention or not. For instance, you are aware of whether you were using bleaches and anti-bacterial solutions, how old your home is, and whether you have been taking sufficient care or treating your septic system or not. If not, then be prepared for a problem soon.

These signs are clear indications that you either already have or will soon have septic issues. It is important for homeowners to have a proper treatment scheduled in place so that they can remain free from such troubles for a long time. While it is not necessary that you ensure regular pumping, but you should at least make use of a sewer treatment that is great for your septic system.

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