The Purpose of Drainfield Repair

The basic purpose of a drainfield is to help treat sewer water before it is sent out into soil. Typically, a drainfield will work with no issues for many years – sometimes even for the total life of a home. However, this also typically only happens if proper maintenance is provided throughout the life of the drainfield.

A great way to ensure that a drainfield has minimal issues over its lifetime is to use a septic tank and pump that septic tank at least every three years. Septic tanks can become overloaded with scum and sludge, causing it to operate incorrectly and thus, affecting your entire system.

Why Drainfield Failure Occurs

The anaerobic bacteria that lives within the septic tank allows the septic tank to function properly. However, this bacteria does not require oxygen and too much oxygen can kill the bacteria. If the septic tank fills with water (which has oxygen in it), that can kill the bacteria causing the septic system to malfunction. Excess water can come from many places, such as the shedding of water from the rood, leaky toilets, or excess laundry.

Another cause of drainfield failure is plugging the pipes of the drainfield. This happens when trees are planted close to the drainfield. These end up plugging the pipes, allowing the water to seep out.

A third cause of the failure is building on top of the drainfield. A drainfield is known to evaporate as much as 30% of the water with the help of the air. Therefore, there should be no driving, building, or paving over these drainfields.

Options for Repairing Drainfields

To start off the repair process, the soils need to be analyzed and the ground water determined. After this, a plot plan needs to be drawn and a Health Department Permit needs to be sought. Repairing can be done through one of two ways.

Removing the Failed Drainfield

This would involve the removal of pipe or rock and hauling the drainfield to the holding station. After this, all the unsuitable soils will be replaced and new drainfield will be laid. While the process is carried out, underwater utilities like the telephone line, water line, gas line, and the irrigation systems need to be checked. In some of the cases, other obstacles such as trees are also needed to be removed.

Revitalizing the Drainfield

In some of the cases, the failing drainfields can be restored with the help of a revitalizing machine. This machine helps in breaking plugged soils and rock and can be quite effective when restoring drainfields. However, it must be checked beforehand whether the machine can be used in an individual’s case or not.

Need Drainfield Repair in Lee County, Florida?

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