What Are The Symptoms of Septic Tank Problems?

Since we rarely ever see our septic systems, it can sometimes be hard to know when your septic tank is having some issues. Similar to a car, your septic system might display some symptoms to let you know that there might be a problem with your septic system.

At Honc, we know septic problems are not the most pleasant situations to deal with, so we want to keep you in-the-know about what to look for if you think your septic system is having some issues.

Premier Exif JPEGSeptic Tank Problem Symptom #1: Odor

If your septic system is having problems, one of the things you’re likely going to notice first is an unpleasant smell near, above, or around your septic system. As you may guess, this odor may be unpleasant and can have a negative impact on nearby commercial or residential areas.

Septic Tank Problem Symptom #2: Toilet & Plumbing Backup

If you’re noticing that the toilets in your home, restaurant, or other commercial building are continuing to back up and cause problems, this may likely be an issue with your septic system overall. In addition to plumbing backups, you may also notice slow flushing of toilets and/or drains.

Septic Tank Problem Symptom #3: Wet Spots

Wet spots above the septic tank or the septic tank drainfield may be another indicator of a problem with your septic system. In addition, you may also see actual sewage rising to the surface above the septic tank or septic tank drainfield.

How To Avoid Septic System Problems

Septic tank repairs can become costly in both time and money if not handled properly. To avoid septic tank problems, it’s important to do two things. First, you should make sure that your septic system has been properly installed. With the amount of factors that play into proper septic tank installation, there are many things that can go wrong in the process. When you’re choosing a septic system installation company, be sure that they’re properly certified and licensed to do so.

The second thing you can do to avoid septic system repairs is to ensure that your septic tank is properly maintained. Having your septic system regularly cleaned and pumped out may cost a little now, but can help you avoid a giant, costly septic tank repair in the future (similar to how a car is maintained with regular oil changes).

Septic Tank Installation & Septic Tank Pumpouts in South Florida

At Honc, we take pride in every project we complete. For over 50 years, we’ve been serving Southwest Florida in all aspects of construction and land development. From septic tank installation and pumpouts to dumpsters and site cleanups, Honc has the expertise and the skills to ensure that your septic system has a long life (and causes you the least amount of headaches possible).

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