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Honc - Our Story

John Honc Sr, along with his wife Lillian, started a marine construction company in Bokeelia over 60 years ago. Their five sons each joined them in the family business after finishing school. Each brother brought ideas of expansion, and so was formed Honc Construction. Dan Honc was instrumental in developing a residential and commercial division within the company.

Honc Industries has a history steeped in family – one generation passing to the next a legacy of work ethic, integrity in keeping your word, and pride in a job well done.
Dan Honc
By 1997 the company had grown to a point that the family decided that three separate companies would better serve everyone. The companies would reflect the three divisions that the company had worked under for years.
The original company, Honc Construction, would continue as a commercial site development company with John Honc Sr and two of his sons continuing to manage the operations. Honc Marine, Inc. would be formed by John Honc Jr and Damian Honc. Dan Honc took the residential division and formed Honc Septic & Grading, Inc. Dan and his wife, Donna, moved their company headquarters to Pine Island. They could not have imagined then where this adventure would take them. Just a few short years later the greatest housing boom of the century would happen right in their backyard. A new office and shop was built and by 2005 they were 100 employees strong. In 2006, the original Honc Construction Company would cease its operations, thereby opening opportunity for Honc Septic to expand again in the commercial utilities and site work. To better reflect the diversity of his company, Dan Honc decided to rebrand his company. In 2007, Honc Industries Inc. was formed and expanded its operation throughout South Florida from Tampa to Miami with its focus on Southwest Florida.

Dan’s son, Steve, began working with his dad while he was still in high school. He ran for parts or tires after school and on weekends and summers he worked as a laborer. After high school, Steve began running his own crew installing septic systems and grading, then moved into estimating the jobs. Steve learned the business from the ground up.

Today, Steve is the CEO of Honc Industries, Inc. Steve continues to move the company forward surrounded by team players who bring their own ideas of expansion to the table every day, then turn those ideas into executed plans. One of those team players include Dan’s daughter, Alexandra, a commercial estimator. Dan has the great pleasure of watching one generation “step on the shoulders” of the one before them and reaching for their potential and answering their call and destiny, and then passing the legacy on.

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