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Current Projects

Job Name Address
 Pine Island Rd (2635)  2635 SW Pine Island Rd
 Canterfield PH II  18767 S Tamiami Trl, FM
 Dry Slip Facility @ BSM  3200 Matecumbee Key Rd ,PG
 Honc 2900 Yard  2900 SW Pine Island Rd, CC
 SE 5th Pl (4521) 8-Plex  4521 SE 5th Pl, CC
 Williamson & Sons  2417 SW Pine Island Rd, CC
 East Water Storage Tank  12019 Treeline Ave, FM
 CFM Fire Station #17  11000 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy, FM
 EMCYTE  4317 Veronica Shoemaker Blvd, FM
 ATP Flight School  4720 Terminal Dr, FM
 MLK Blvd (3660)  3660 MLK Blvd, FM
 Sanibel Glass  16804 McGregor Blvd, FM
 SW Pl Rd Irr Tanks & HSPS  610 Commercial Park Pl, CC
 Page Field Commercial  4531 S Cleveland Ave, FM
 Culvers Skyline Blvd  2526 Skyline Blvd, CC
 Fire Station #5 Burnt Store  15200 Burnt Store Rd, PG
 Fire Station #2 Murdock  17517 Seymore Ave, PC

Job Name Address
 Alico Commerce Lot 11  7851 Drew Cir, FM
 CC SW WRF Ops Building  2090 SW 32nd St, CC
Westgate Ind Properties II  201 Wallace Ave. N., Lehigh
 Jacaranda PLace  1200 Loveland Blvd, PC
 Holiday Builders Sales Ctr  1532 Burnt Store Rd N, CC
 Snappy's (Colonial Commons)  4510 Winkler Ave, FM
 Hide-Away Burnt Store  708 Burnt Store Rd N, CC
 Aldi Shell - SB & Vet  2615 Santa Barbara Blvd, CC
 Hinks Santa Barbara Plaza  30 Hancock Bridge Pkwy W, CC
 Centennial Park East  2101 Edwards Dr, FM
 Colonial Express Carwash  11021 Colonial Blvd, FM
 Eagle Moving  6620 Alico Rd, FM
 Lot 19 Benchmark (FMB)  4661 Laredo Ave, FM
 Shops on PL - Lot2  1519 NE Pine Island Rd, CC
 Ecological Labs Add  2533 NE 9th Ave, CC
 Eastwood Wellfield Exp P-22  4000 Veronica Shoemaker Blvd, FM
 CFM Wells P-21 & P-22  4000 Veronica Shoemaker Blvd, FM
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